Oxygen Concentrator

Oxy-Life JAY 10


The JAY 10 double flow oxygen concentrator ensures a constant and inexhaustible flow of 93% medical oxygen up to 10L / min. Thanks to its compact and lightweight design, it is easy to transport, and its low noise level allows it to be used even in night-time oxygenation therapy.

Each cannula supplies 5L / min in case of two patients. If a flow of 10 L / min is required, a cannula is disconnected and the entire capacity of the equipment is concentrated 100% in the cannula that remains connected. It also has a pulse oximeter that allows monitoring the patient's heart rate and saturation.

It helps in the treatment of respiratory diseases, chronic obstructive pneumonia, and respiratory complications in patients with COVID-19. Inhaling oxygen can improve the body's oxygen supply and achieve the purpose of oxygenation treatment. It is suitable for the middle-aged and the elderly.

Tech Specs
Oxygen flow rate 10L
Oxygen concentration 93% (+/- 3%)
Output pressure 0.04 - 0.07Mpa
Charging time 2-3hrs (built-in battery for emergency alerts)
Sound level <52dB
Input voltage 220-230Vac / 50-60Hz
Power Consumption 880W
Dimensions 365 x 375 x 600mm
Net Weight 27kg
Material Plastic
Screen LCD. Indicators: Starting time, working time, oxygen saturation and pulse.
Alarm Power drop, high/low pressure - temperature, low purity (<85%), maintenance request
Working requirements 10-40oC / 30-85% HR / 700-1060 hPA
Include 2 nasal cannulas, 1 extra primary filter, 1 extra secondary filter
Certificates CE / TUV / SUD / ISO 13485:2016

How it works?





Who needs an Oxygen Concentrator?

People with disorders of the lungs, heart, or both, who require supplemental oxygen therapy. Supplemental oxygen increases the amount of oxygen that the patient breathes in under normal conditions, therefore more oxygen will enter the bloodstream throughout the body.

Can I use tap or mineral water?

No. You should use distilled or de-ionized water, as it contains fewer particles and germs than there are in tap water. It also does not contain as much lime and thus does not stay in the pores of the sponge of the humidification system.

Do I have to recharge the oxygen concentrator?

The oxygen concentrator is not recharged, it works indeterminately, that is, as long as the patient needs, of course, being electric and stationary, it has to be plugged into the electrical current.

Can I supply more oxygen to the patient since I feel like he is drowning?

No, over-oxygenation as well as low oxygenation is very dangerous, therefore it is imperative to comply with what the family doctor imposes on you.