Oxygen Concentrator

Oxy-Life JAY 15


The JAY-15 oxygen concentrator ensures a constant and inexhaustible flow of 93% medical oxygen up to 15L / min. Thanks to its compact and lightweight design, it is easy to transport, and its low noise level allows it to be used even in night-time oxygenation therapy. It has seven sets of fans guarantee the operating temperature of the machines and are more conductive for heat dissipation. The metal oxygen outlet supports the connection of multiple oxygen tubes. It has an easy-to-clean double filter system for maintenance.

It helps in the treatment of respiratory diseases, chronic obstructive pneumonia, and respiratory complications in patients with COVID-19. Inhaling oxygen can improve the body's oxygen supply and achieve the purpose of oxygenation treatment.

Tech Specs
Oxygen flow rate 15L/m
Oxygen concentration 93% (+/- 3%)
Output pressure 0.14 - 0.40Mpa
Sound level <60dB
Input voltage AC230V/110V, 50/60 Hz
Power Consumption ≤ 1500 W
Dimensions 850 x 630 x 795 mm
Net Weight 120kg
Material Steel SS034
Screen LCD. Indicators: Power on time, Working pressure, Working temperature, Oxygen saturation and pulse
Alarm Power drop, high/low pressure - temperature, low purity (<85%), maintenance request
Working requirements 10-40ºC / 30-85% HR / 700-1060 hPA
Electrical category Class II type B
Product category Class II A
Include Atomizer (Nebulizer)
Certificates CE / TUV / SUD / ISO 13485:2016