SIRA 2 Description

It is the second version of SIRA 1.0, oriented to the assistance of astronauts on Mars during a manned mission. Unlike its predecessor, it has modifications and improvements to mechanical and electronic systems, as well as new features, including a barrel drill for drilling and extraction of soil samples.

(Sira: Scorpión in Quechua)

Type Teleoperated/Autonomous
Weight 60kg
Material Aluminum 1010
Speed 0.5 km/h
Battery -
Dimensions Lenght: 1.20m - Width: 0.91m - Height: 0.51m
Arm 6 degrees of freedom - Operating Radius: 1.3m
Barrel Drill Maximum depth of penetration in soil : 0.35 m
Antenna Omnidirectional: 5.4 GHz - Operating Radius: 1km
Cameras 2 for navigation - 1 panoramic - 1 mounted on the arm