SIRA1 Description

It is the first teleoperated Mars Rover built in Peru, inspired by the anatomy of the scorpion and aimed at assisting astronauts on Mars during a manned mission. Much of the implementation of Sira 1 was carried out at the Institute of Radio Astronomy of the Pontificia Universidad Católica del Perú.

(Sira: Scorpion in Quechua)

Tech Specs
Type Teleoperated
Weight 82kg
Material Aluminum 1010
Speed 0.5 km/h
Battery 480 Wh
Dimensions 1.20(L) x 1.00(W) x 0.50(H) m
Arm 6 DOF - Operating radius: 0.92m
Antenna Omnidirectional 5.4GH - Operating radius: 1km
Cameras 2 for navigation - 1 panoramic - 1 mounted in arm

Building SIRA1